Senior Night

Colton ‘Quads’ Arms.  Colton is the son of Mike & Amanda Arms.

 Colton plans to attend Missouri Welding Institute for pipeline welding.  His advice for future Slater athletes is “don’t give up on a sport you love, your time is coming.”

 Colton’s favorite football moment is last year when Coach Benton would show up in some interesting outfits.  

 Colton would like to say thank you to his parents for always being there for me and supporting me throughout my middle school & high school career.  Thank you to my coaches that I have had. They have been the best in pushing people to do better. And for the team, I know this year hasn’t been good but I still want to thank you guys for making it fun. 

 Congratulations Colton Arms!

Benjamin Carver - Benjamin (Big Smoke) is the son of Elissa Fizer & Jarred Beyer.  Benjamin is unsure of his plans after graduation.

 Benjamin’s favorite moments in football are in practice when the team and coaches get hyped up together.  He says, “Nothing else really compares to the environment and mindset that we are in.”

 Benjamin gives this advice to future Slater athletes,  “Keep pushing through the pain no matter how hard it gets, it makes you better in the long run.”

Congratulations Benjamin Carver

McKinnah Clements - Kinnah is the daughter of Jake & Tori Clements.  McKinnah plans to attend State Fair to become a registered nurse.  

 When Kinnah was asked for her favorite cheer memory, she said,  “This isn’t really my favorite but it is definitely my most memorable: We were at the basketball championship game my sophomore year and we got the ball back and Chandler had kicked the ball up with his foot and it hit me right in my nose.”

 Kinnah’s advice to future athletes is, “Enjoy it while you can.  You only get so long to play your favorite sports with your best friends.”

 When she was asked what she would like to say to her parents/coach, Kinnah said, “To my dad: Thank you for always showing me my worth, teaching me how to be confident in everything I do, and how to appreciate the small things.  To my mom:  Thank you for being my biggest supporter, always reminding me I can do whatever I put my mind to, and for giving me a thick skin and teaching me the meaning of the word “fair”.

 To my mom and dad both:  Thank you for doing your job as parents all year around even on your off days.

 To Ms. Drummond:  Thank you for being the best coach I could ever ask for.”

To my teammates:  Thank you for being some of the best friends I have ever had.

 Congratulations McKinnah Clements!

Our next senior is Jamie DeWeese.  Jamie (LJ) is the daughter of Laura McClellan & Dustin DeWeese.  After graduation Jamie plans on taking EMT classes while also attending State Fair Community College to get a business degree.

Jamie’s favorite memory was during freshman year. She says, “We used to do a thing called cheer initiation...Dannon and I had to buy a single chicken nugget (from McDonalds) and put it in Mr. Matheis' mail box. When we were running back to the car my entire foot was closed in the door as we drove away. We swore to keep this secret till our senior year so it's time to tell it.”

When asked what advice you have for future Slater athletes Jamie said, “Have fun and work hard, make a lot of memories while you can because before you know it will all be over and all you'll have are those memories to look back on.

To my parents I want to thank you for making me the person I am today and for always being there for me.”

Congratulations Jamie!

James Gilpin - James (Pork Chop) is the son of Sheryl Todd & James Gilpin. He plans to go to college after graduation.  James’s favorite football memory is being on the field and seeing his family in the stands cheering him on.

 When asked for advice for future Slater athletes, James said, “Take one day at a time!  I know it takes a lot of time and hard work out of your day but it goes by fast when you’re with the people you care about.  Also never make Coach Horton mad.”

 To his parents/teammates and coach, James said, “Thanks to everyone who has supported me to be a better football player.  You all have really helped me through a lot and thank you so much.”

Congratulations, James

Tyler Mailn - Tyler (Trade Mark) is the son of Rick & Michele Malin.  Tyler plans to attend either UCM or Northwest for Physical Education/Criminal Justice or Sports Management. Tyler’s favorite football memory is going to the second round of districts.

 When asked what advice he would give to future Slater athletes, Tyler says he would tell them to work hard in the beginning, so you're ready at the end.

 Tyler has this to say to Coach Horton - “Thank you for giving me the best 4 years of football that I could possibly have, and I mean that. We have had pretty good seasons for the past three, and this season may not be everything we wanted, but it is definitely one to remember. But just thanking you just for football would be unfair, instead I want to thank you for shaping me into the person I am today. You have personally made one of the biggest differences in my life, from installing mental discipline into me, physical toughness, and mental strength. You have also figured out a way to teach me and these other seniors’ life lessons, while coaching the game of football.  And for that, I am forever thankful, thank you Coach Horton.”

 To his teammates, Tyler says, “This team right here, it is the team I've been closest to out of all of my four years of high school, you guys are some of the goofiest and weird people I know. You guys know how to turn around a boring Monday practice immediately, with just some weird answer to a question. But I wouldn't trade this team for anything.” Whatever you do, do not give up on this football program because it never gave up on you.

And to his parents, Tyler says, “Thank you two for being my biggest supporters throughout my four years of football, from never missing a game my freshman year even when I didn't get any playing time, to actually getting involved with the coaching staff and trying to make my senior year the best It can be. Thank you, words cannot express how thankful I am to have the best supporters in my family.” 

 Our next senior is Griffin Moore

Griffin ‘G-Money’ is the son of Justin and Aimme Moore.  Griffin plans to attend State Tech after graduating.

 Griffin’s advice for future athletes “Enjoy your time at Slater and make the absolute most of it.  It’ll go by a lot faster than you think.”  

 Griffin’s favorite memory is winning our opening game of districts his freshman year vs Concordia.

 To Griffin’s parents/teammates/coach, he says, “I appreciate all the dedication that you guys have given me.  You have made my experience here very memorable.”

 Congratulations Griffin Moore!

Dannon Prysock - Dannon ‘Danni” is the daughter of Barton & Deirdre Prysock.  She plans to attend college after graduation.  

 Dannon’s favorite Cheer memory is her freshman year when Harley Dorhman was running with us to get back to the field to cheer, and she tried to jump the yellow rope.  Well, instead both of her feet were caught and she face planted right there.

 Dannon’s advice for future athletes is:  Communicate, you will never find joy in a sport doing it alone.  Make you team your family.

Dannon would like to say to her parents/teammates/coach:  “Mom and Dad, you’ve made me everything I am today.  And you're the reason I’m standing here getting recognized. I love you both with everything inside of me P.S.Mom, you should’ve let me do your makeup.”

Congratulations to Dannon Prysock!

Ja’Korie Terrill:  Ja’Korie (Show Time) is the son of Felicia Hayes & Brandon Terrill.  After graduation Ja’Korie plans to continue his basketball athletics & academics.

When asked his favorite memory from football he responded, “When I got laid out at my first pad camp and Coach Horton still remembers it till this day.”  Ja’Korie says to future Slater athletes, “Get involved in anything you can.”

 Ja’Korie would like to thank Coach Horton for helping him become the man he is today and his mom & dad. 

Congratulations Ja’Korie Terrill!