Slater JH/HS Mock Election Results
Slater JH/HS Mock Election Results
Jessica Clements
Tuesday, November 15, 2016

After a week of counting votes – and a new appreciation for electronic tabulation, the results of the Slater JH/HS Mock Election are in:

President: Trump/Pence
US Senator: Blunt
Governor: Greitens
Lt. Governor: Parson
Secretary of State: Ashcroft
State Treasurer: Schmitt
Attny General: Hawley
5th District US Representative: Turk
21st District State Senator: Hokins
51st District State Representative: Dohrman
48th District State Representative: Muntzel
Assoc. Circuit Court Judge: Bellamy
Southern Dist. County Commission: Fenner
Northern Dist. County Commission: Mikels
Sherriff: Mullins
Assessor: Adcock-Goodman
Treasurer: Smith
Public Administrator: Barr
Coroner: Harlow
Amendment 1: Yes
Amendment 2: Yes
Amendment 3: Yes
Amendment 4: Yes
Amendment 6: Yes
Proposition A: Yes
Judicial Ballot (Teitelman): Yes

Thank you to all of the students, teachers, and county personnel for your support! It was a valuable learning experience for all!