50th Annual Missouri Cadet Patrol Academy
50th Annual Missouri Cadet Patrol Academy
Janell Castle
Monday, January 21, 2019

50th Annual Missouri Cadet Patrol Academy

June 9th - June 14th, 2019



1.  Age - 16 -18.  No condition of race, creed, color or sex is a prerequisite for selection. Former Cadet Patrol Graduates are NOT eligible.

2.  Applicants must have a ( C ) average or higher (2.0+ GPA). Home-schooled students that meet the (C) average requirement are also eligible.

3.  Must furnish own transportation to and from the Missouri State Highway Patrol Law Enforcement Academy.

4.  Every applicant must be of good moral character and come well recommended.

5.  Applicants must be in excellent physical condition and able to participate in a rigorous physical program.

6. Copy of Valid Missouri drivers license MUST be attached.

7.  This application must be endorsed by an American Legion Post in your area to be considered. (Note: Check for fee of $450.00 (PAID BY SPONSORING POST) MUST ACCOMPANY APPLICATION; make it payable to The American Legion Department of Missouri.)

2019 Cadet Patrol Brochure:  Cadet Patrol Brochure

Cadet Patrol Application:  MO Cadet Patrol Application