Foundations and Basics


Board Approved
AASchool District Legal Status
ACProhibition Against Discrimination, Harassment and Retaliation1/18/1994
ACASexual Harassment Under Title IX
ADSchool District Mission9/23/2003
ADFDistrict Wellness Program11/16/2017
AFAccountability/Commitment to Accomplishment11/18/1997
AFAData Reporting


Use of Tobacco Products and Imitation Tobacco Products5/20/2014
B.  School Board Governance and Operation
BBASchool Board Powers
BBBSchool Board Elections
BBBABoard Member Qualifications
BBBBSchool Board Ballot
BBCBoard Member Resignation
BBDBoard Member Removal From Office5/21/2013
BBESchool Board Vacancies
BBFSchool Board Member Ethics
BBFA Board Member Conflict of Interest and Financial Disclosure
BCA-1Board Organizational Meeting
BCB Board Officers
BCC-1 Appointed Board Officials
BCCAMSBA Delegate and Alternate
BCEBoard Committees/Advisory Committees to the Board
BCGSchool Attorney/Legal Services
BDABoard Meetings
BDCClosed Meetings, Records and Votes
BDDANotification of Board Meetings
BDDERules of Order
BDDF-1Voting Method
BDDH-1Public Participation at Board Meetings
BDDL Release of Information
BFSchool Board Policy Process
BHA Board Training and Development
BHEBoard Member Liability/Insurance
BISchool Board Legislative Program
BJSchool Board Memberships
General School Administration
CBSchool Superintendent
CBBRecruitment and Appointment of the Superintendent
CBCSuperintendent's Contract/Compensation and Benefit
CBGEvaluation of the Superintendent
CFSchool Building Administration
CFBEvaluation of Principals
CGC-AP(1) State and Federal Programs
CHPolicy Implementation and Dissemination
Fiscal Management
DB Annual Budget
DBBFiscal Year
DCBPolitical Campaigns
DC Taxing & Borrowing
DDGrants - (State and Federal Administration)
DEDDisposition of Unbudgeted Revenue
DFA Revenue From Investments
DFA-2Revenues from Investments/Use of Surplus Funds
DFEA Free Admissions
DGDepository of Funds
DGA Authorized Signatures
DGA-AP (1)Depository of Funds
DH-1Bonded Employees and Officers
DIFiscal Accounting and Reporting/Accounting System
DIDInventory Management
DJBPetty Cash Accounts
DJB-AP(1)Petty Cash
DJFAFederal Programs and Projects
DKPayment Process
DLBSalary Deductions
DLCExpense Reimbursements
DLCATravel Expenses
DN-1Surplus District Property
Support Services
EB Safety Program
EBAB Hazardous Materials
EBACIntegrated Pest Management
EBBCommunicable Diseases
EBBA Illness and Injury Response
EBC-1 Emergency Drills
EBCACrisis Intervention Plan
ECABuilding & Grounds Security
ECBBuilding and Grounds Maintenance
ECDTraffic and Parking Controls
ECGAnimals on District Property
EEAStudent Transportation Service
EEABSchool Bus Scheduling and Routing
EFFood Service Management
EFBFree &Reduced Price Food Service
EGAAAReproduction of Copyright Material
EHBTechnology Usage
EHBCPrivacy Protection
EIAProperty and Liability Insurance
Facilities Development
FB Facilities and Planning
FCSchool Closing, Consolidation & Reorganizations
FEBSelection of Architectural, Engineering and Land Surveying Services
FEC Selection of Construction Management Services
FEFConstruction Contracts Bidding and Awards
FFFacility Names
FFAMemorials on Facilities and Grounds
GBPart-Time & Substitute Employees
GBAExempt & Nonexempt Employees
GBAAStaff Extra-Duty Assignments
GBBStaff Involvement in Decision
GBBDAFamily and Medical Leave
GBCAStaff Conflict of Interest
GBCBStaff Conduct
GBCBCStaff Absences and Tardiness
GBCCStaff Use of Communication
GBE Staff Health & Safety
GBEAWorkers' Compensation
GBEBA Drug Free Workplace
GBEBB-2Employee Alcohol and Drugs
GBEBCCriminal Background Check
GBEBC Criminal Background Check
GBHStaff Student Relations
GBLPersonnel Records
GBLB References
GBM Staff Grievances
GCA Professional Staff Positions
GCBAProfessional Staff Compensation
GCBCProfessional Staff Fringe Benefits
GCBDAProfessional Staff Short-Term Leaves & Absences
GCBDB Professional Staff Long-Term Leaves & Absences
GCD Professional Staff Recruiting and Hiring
GCD-1Professional Staff Recruiting
GCEPart-Time & Substitutes Professional Staff Employment
GCGProfessional Staff Probation
GCIProfessional Staff Assignment
GCLProfessional Staff Development
GCLBProfessional Staff Career Ladder
GCNEvaluation of Professional Staff
GCPAReduction in Professional Staff Work Force
GCPB Resignation of Professional Staff
GCPCRetirement of Professional Staff
GCPD Suspension of Professional Staff Members
GCPETermination of Professional Staff Members
GCPFNonrenewal & Termination of Support Staff Members
GDA Support Staff Positions
GDBA Support Staff Compensation
GDBCSupport Staff Fringe Benefits
GDBDASupport Staff Leaves and Absences
GDCSupport Staff Recruiting and Hiring
GDC-1 Support Staff Recruiting and Hiring
GDISupport Staff Assignments & Transfers
GDL Support Staff Development Opportunities
GDN Evaluation of Support Staff
GDPB-1Resignation of Support Staff
GDPCRetirement of Support Staff
GDPDSuspension of Support Staff Members
GDPENonrenewal and Termination of Support Staff
IAInstructional Goals-Priority Objectives
ICAcademic Calendar 
IFCurriculum Development
IGABasic Instructional Program
IGAB Instructional Interventions
IGACTeaching About Religion
IGAD-1Occupational Education
IGAEA Teaching About Drugs, Alcohol & Tobacco
IGAEBTeaching About Human Sexuality
IGBAccommodation of Students with Disabilities
IGBASpecial Education
IGBA-1Programs for Students with Disabilities
IGBBPrograms for Gifted Students
IGBCParent-Family Involvement in Instructional and Other Programs 
IGBCParent & Family Involvement & Engagement
IGBCAPrograms for Homeless Students
IGBCB Programs for Migratory Students
IGBDAt Risk Students
IGBEStudents in Foster Care
IGBEStudents in Foster Care
IGBGHomebound Instruction
IGBHPrograms for English Language Learners
IGBHPrograms for English Learners
IGBI Home Schooling
IGCExtended Instructional Programs
IGCExtended Instructional Programs
IGCEDistrict Sponsored Instruction Options
IGDSponsored Extracurricular Activities
OGDAStudent Initiated Group Use of District Facilities
IGDBADistribution on Non curricular Student Publications
IGDFStudent Fundraising
IIA Instructional Materials
IICAField Trips and Excursions
IICCSchool Volunteer
IK Academic Achievement
IKCClass Ratings
IKE Promotion, Acceleration and Retention
IKFGraduation Requirements
IKFAEarly Graduation
IKFBGraduation Exercises
ILAssessment Program
ILATest Integrity & Security
IMEvaluation of Instructional Programs
IND Ceremonies & Observances
IGCD Virtual Courses
JCBTransfer within the District
JCCTransfers outside the District
JEACompulsory and Part0Time Attendance
JECSchool Admissions
JECAEligibility to Enroll
JECC Assignment of Students to Grade Levels/Classes
JED Student Absences and Excuses
JEDBStudent Dismissal Precautions
JFCAStudent Dress Code
JFCBCare of School Property By Student
JFCCStudent Conduct on School Transportation
JFCESecret Organizations Gangs